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The relationship between an animal and its owner is a unique connection. Harlow School for Dogs uses a positive reinforcement based approach to dog training to improve your pet's behavior while strengthening the bond between you and your dog. Our proven techniques and unique approach have helped pet owners across the DMV area train animals just like yours. Contact us today to get started!


Who We Are

My name is Kimmie and I am a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP) & Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) who has spent my career working with animals in various capacities, from animal sheltering, to private practice, and more. I'm the mom of a fearful dog myself, which is what kicked off my interest in animal behavior and training. I've been training dogs for over 5 years, and am always hungry to learn more. I truly enjoy watching students (human and canine alike) learn together, and I can't wait to help you and your pet!

Frannie and Otto
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Happy Wednesday from Sheeba, Ivy, and Ra
George & LadyBug (aka the two tiny dogs
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Mondays are always better with dogs 🐾🐶

What We Do

& what sets us apart

Our services are designed with you and your pet in mind, and we believe in working as much with you as with your animal. Whether you have a new puppy, want basic manners training, or have a specific concern, our training services are tailored to fit your individual dog's needs, while keeping your lifestyle and schedule in mind. 

For more information on the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Behavior & Training, and what sets KPA graduates apart, visit their website. Information on the Certification Council on Professional Dog Trainers can be found here.


Behavior Consultations

If your dog is over 6 months old, this is your first step! Schedule a behavior consultation to receive a personal written training plan, as well as a 1.5 hour long private lesson. This consultation will teach you how to begin training, and offer advice based on the best choice for you and your pup.

Happy Wednesday from Sheeba, Ivy, and Ra

Private Training

Customize a plan with Harlow School for Dogs and choose from a number of private training packages. Each private training session is an hour long and scheduled at a time that works for you.

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Puppy Training Options

We love puppies! HSD offers private training options for those that want or need more individualized training. See our services page for more information!

happy first day of summer, everybody! 🐾

Training Walks

Need extra help with walks? Whether you want a trainer to spend time with your dog in the yard, around the neighborhood, or on a hike, a training walk is an option for you!

Our training walks are 45 minutes long, and are offered in multiple packages. See our services page for more!

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