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Unsure of the best option for you and your family? Not a problem! Click below to contact a trainer & we'll help you determine the most fitting options.


Behavior & Training Consultations

Your private in-home consultation will allow you to take time with a trainer to discuss and set training goals, learn how to train your dog, and choose an appropriate training package for you and your pet. This is the first step for new clients, except for those with puppies under 6 months. The consultation includes a personalized training plan, a variety of training resources, and continued communication and support with a trainer.

Length: 1.5 - 2 hours

Cost: $250

Private Training

Customize a plan and choose from a variety of private training packages. Private sessions are 1 hour each. 

Private Training Info:

  • Single session: $150

  • Consultation + 2 sessions: $500

  • Package of 3 (after behavior consultation): $400

Customized plans and packages are also available. Contact us for more information!

Puppy Training Packages

Puppy Training Package:​

  • Three private lessons (1 hr each)

  • No behavior consultation needed

  • Training focuses on basic puppy manners and socialization

Cost: $350

Training Walks & Packages

45 minute private walk in neighborhood or elsewhere. Great for focused training on behaviors like polite leash walking, reactivity on leash, coming when called, and more. Morning, midday, and evening availability. 

Training Walk Packages:

  • Single walk: $85

  • Package of 5 walks: $375


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